Please read these guidelines carefully as works that do not conform to them will be left unread and unreplied to. These guidelines are fundamental to categorical submissions unless stated otherwise.

• Ellipsis welcomes all genres of literature and art from the diaspora. We publish prose fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, prose poetry, shape and form creative, interviews, reviews, translated works, memoirs, photography, illustrations, and other art pieces.

• Entries must be a single work of art, not be more than 5,000 words, for fiction and nonfiction. For poetry, we like 1-3 poems in not more than five pages. All entries are to be single-spaced and in standard Times New Roman 12pt. Font.

• Photos, paintings, digital art, illustrations, etc., not more than twelve pieces should be sent as .jpg, .png, .tiff, .esp, psd, .ai, .indd, and .raw( CR2, CRW, NEF,PEF) formats.

• Submission must be properly edited, mailed as an attachment without any biographical identification contained within. We like to judge blindly.

• A brief cover note, a biography written in third person of not more than 100 words and contact details, can however be provided in the body of a mail (not in the attachment please).

• The subject line of the mail should contain genre of submission, category of submission and writer’s last name, e.g. (genre – last name).

• All submissions are to be made via email to

• For enquiries and queries, contact

• Our submission schedules follow established submission categories which are stated below.


Due to our small number of staff and volunteers, Ellipsis publishes new and established voices monthly. We define new voices as those with potentials, new in voice, theme, style and form. We welcome all genres all year-round on our MONTHLY and invite underrepresented and marginalised voices to submit.

Ellipsis will never charge for its MONTHLY and so unfortunately does not have any money to compensate its contributors. But we are sure to give your works a deserved publishing home and also share them across all our platforms. However, there are a few of our categories that you can get paid for: like the Bimonthly Ellipsis Challenge, Duellers and Critics and Ellipsis Annual Literature Prize.

While our quarterly magazine category is usually themed, our MONTHLY taste is rather eclectic, elliptic and non-discriminatory. There is no restriction to what we love as long as it tickles our perspectives and sways our imaginations. We are a fan of avant-garde and the experimental. Send us your best works and you’ll be surprised at what define us. Send us works that fill the gaps of life, stereotypes, nature, people and everything else. Works we will keep coming back to read. If we do not respond to these works within two weeks, please query us.


We publish submissions for our themed digital magazines towards the beginning of Monsoon and Harmattan seasons. Monsoon season begins from May to September and usually marks a season of birth and exuberance. We like to give themes that identify with greenness, lushness and human excesses. Harmattan season on the other hand begins from October, lasting through late April and early May. Themes this season portray dryness and death. We are a two-season believer in the elliptic life of man.

Precisely we publish our magazines in June and December and make calls for submissions two months earlier. Currently we are not accepting any submissions for our TEM, but always be on the look-out from the month of April for our Monsoon issue and the month of October for our Harmattan issue. Submissions these seasons are largely subject to our masthead editorial discretions. So we suggest you check the masthead when it’s time to know what they want.


Every year we reward our magazine contributors with the prize of literature. We choose Best of the year Poetry, Best of the year Fiction, Best of the year Non-fiction and Best of the year Art, respectively. We consider everything not under poetry, fiction and non-fiction to be under art. The best of the best gets to be rewarded with our prize, while others will be honourably mentioned, all considered for our transitory masthead for the coming year.

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